The Spirit-Led Manifestation Retreat

1-Day Women's Business Retreat in Chicago, IL

July 21, 2017 

You’re personally invited to join me as one of 10 Christ-centered, purpose-driven female CEOs for a full day of training, 1:1 coaching, mentoring and strategic planning ALL to help you grow your business God’s way. 

This powerful retreat is for women business owners, like you, who want to scale their business, create multiple streams of income and enjoy a healthy, balanced and meaningful life; but are struggling with knowing exactly what they need to do and might secretly feel like walking away from it all. 

It's for women who are on a mission with a message to share. 

Women who love their business but are frustrated with how it's currently running and are unsure of what they need to do turn things around but are committed to growing themselves and their business, living their best life and making more money this year.

How It Works

  • We'll meet in a beautiful and awe-inspiring location in downtown Chicago, which will give you the uninterrupted time, space and energy to focus on you and your business.

  • We'll focus on your pricing, marketing, sales, team, mindset and ideal client to help you shift from the constricting 1:1 business model to expand your offerings to programs, packages and products to help you make the income and impact you desire.

  • With my guidance, coaching and support, you’ll create a bigger picture of what's possible for you and your business over the next 90 days and ultimately, this year.  

  • I'll help you uncover exactly where you're leaving money on the table, working harder than you need to, hiding out, playing small and thinking even smaller.

  • We'll identify precisely how you can scale your business so you make more money and serve more people this year.

  • You'll learn the best approach for you to find and reach your ideal clients with more confidence and ease

  • I'll help you find more time in your day to focus on income producing activities so you make more money and serve more people this year. 


  • You’ll leave the retreat inspired and reignited, with your personalized 90-day inspired-action plan to making more money, and the confidence, clarity and strategies to manifest it. Not to mention the wonderful, deep connections you'll have made with the other authentic, ambitious and high-performing women in the room. 

  • In addition, following the full day retreat you’ll receive 3 group coaching sessions to follow up on your progress, answer any additional questions and make sure you don't get stopped by perfectionism, procrastination, overwhelm or doubt.  

You don't want to miss this opportunity to learn how to really monetize your gifts.

 “I landed an extra $15,000 per month with the two new clients I signed.” 

“Enrolling in Althea’s 6-Week Masterclass is one of the best investments I have ever made in life, not just professionally. Thanks for all of our manifestation and me doing the work each week, I landed my largest client during the course and my 2nd largest client right after the course ended!! I landed an extra $15,000 per month with the two clients I signed. 

Before working with Althea I was really challenged with picking and articulating my ideal target client. I felt stuck and frustrated. I subconsciously knew what I wanted to do, but I was fearful about moving in that direction. I also struggled with how to scale my business in the most efficient way and how to command more value for my work. 

Althea's specialty is in helping you to scale your business, but her skills go far beyond this to building your confidence, getting you to focus, tapping into your intuition, and much more! She really helped me to shift my mindset.

Althea is a great facilitator who makes you feel comfortable and excited to participate in her courses. She has great intuition about what each client needs and she has no problem bringing that to the forefront so you can learn and grow. 

If you follow her methodologies, you will more than earn the money it took to invest in working with her.

This course was a pivotal moment for me in my career and life. Thank you so much, Althea for all your work, attention, and support!!”  

- Farrah Holder, President ThinkNXT Marketing

 “With Althea’s support and guidance, I launched my own business doing higher-level and more meaningful work that is aligned with my innate gifts and authentic self – as a result my income jumped by about $35,000.” 

"Because of working with Althea, I was able to proceed toward the actual career and LIFE I want and dream of having for myself. I recommend Althea’s coaching! Althea gives you the tools and strategies to break out of your comfort zone and develop your own path. She helped me put a plan of action together. Plus, she helped me gain clarity on my goals, increase my motivation and decrease my stress.”

- Sirobe Carstafhur, Founder of Mind Your Shape

“My event was absolutely AMAZING!!!! I was able to get 21 tickets sold in less than 2 weeks.” 

"What I love about working with Althea is that she brings high energy, kingdom principles and clear strategy to every session. Her genuine love and spirit helped me to get honest with myself to discover the true blockage, taking place within my business and exposed my true greatness. Every session brings a new sense of awareness and confidence within myself that I usually run from.  

Althea's coaching was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I’ve worked with other coaches before and never I have I left with tangible resources and strategies to enhance my business.”

- Lauren Michelle Jackson, Founder and Creator of

The Spirit-Led Manifestation Retreat 


I'm your Business Coach, Althea McIntyre, MSOD, CPCC  

Founder and CEO of The Best Career For Me, Power and Soul at Work. I help Christ-centered female entrepreneurs create successful, profitable, purpose-driven businesses and meaningful lives they love. 

I love helping Christ-centered female CEOs stop leaving money on the table and instead make more money in their business.

Since 2005 I've worked as a professional certified coach serving my clients as their sounding board, accountability partner and business strategist so they aren't alone in growing their dream business.  

I’m known for my energy, insight and intuition and the ability to bring out the best in my clients. 

Whatever it takes to create the business and lifestyle you want, I'm here to help you. 

I’ve been featured and quoted by EBONY, JET, The BOSS Network and The Network Journal; and have created and delivered seminars, webinars and workshops for a wide range of organizations including Loyola University Chicago, Northwestern University and PricewaterhouseCoopers. 

This is your season. Now is your time to receive my high-touch, high-level coaching and mentoring to help you monetize your gifts and manifest your God-given vision quicker than you could on your own. 

You'll learn exactly what you need to do to close more sales, get more clients and scale your business while being the business leader God called you to be. 

Hurry! This retreat will sell out. Registration closes on July 18 or when all spots are sold. Reserve your spot now! 

Questions? Email or call 847-425-9730.