Welcome Beautiful toYour Private 1-Day Business Retreat! 

You're bold, ambitious and authentic. 

You're making money in your business but you don’t have the consistent income you desire. 

You're also overwhelmed and overworked, and tend to get stopped by overthinking. 

You’re personally invited to join me for a full day of transformative coaching, mentoring and strategic planning to help you fully monetize your God-given gifts.  

The Private VIP 1-Day Business Retreat is designed for the Christ-Centered Female Coach, Consultant & Expert, like yourself, who is struggling with finding uninterrupted time to work on her business and knows she needs help with goal setting, strategic planning and sales to get to her next level and achieve her 10k a month revenue goal. 

During your private retreat, which will be customized to your business, I'll identify exactly where you're leaving money on the table, the gaps in your business and precisely what you need to do fill them to have an immediate positive cash flow. 

We'll create your personalized 90-day blueprint to more clients, revenue and profits, a clear plan that pulls everything together and takes the guesswork out.  

You'll leave your retreat feeling excited and rejuvenated about the growth of your business and your customized 90-day action plan to get you there.  

"Within 30 days of my Private Virtual Retreat I landed 5 brand new clients and within 60 days I enrolled my first paid in full 5k+ client." 

“I was so excited to have the opportunity to work with Althea in a Private VIP 1-Day Virtual Retreat! She really helped me focus, drill down into my business ideas and pick apart things into salient, manageable pieces.  

She helped me identify some gaps in my business - where I was leaving money on the table - and helped me create a concrete plan for the next 90-days.  

Within 30 days of my Virtual Retreat I landed 5 brand new clients and within 60 days I enrolled my first paid in full 5k+ client.  

One of the things I love about working with Althea is she keeps everything honest and transparent - she stays with you in the moment, pushes you to your comfort zone and helps you see the possibilities beyond that.  

If you're a Christ-Centered female entrepreneur looking to uplevel in your business, look no further - book a time to chat with Althea now and get started right away. Your business and more importantly, your profits and bottom line will thank you."  

Dortha Hise, Chief Overwhelm Eliminator Pretty Smart Virtual Services 

Virtual Retreat
 1 payment of only $3,500

Who this is for:

  • You have been in business for at least 3 years 
  • You're a service-based business owner, such as an author, speaker, coach or consultant, on a MISSION with a big message to share through your business.
  • You're a purpose-driven leader with a goal to achieve 6-figure or 7-figures in your business
  • You understand the value of having a seasoned business coach's support, guidance and direction in your business 
  • You enjoy taking action, getting outside of your comfort zone and being held accountable 
  • You want to convert paying clients, create consistent income, get to your next level and make more money in your business serving the clients God created you to serve 

Who this is not for:

  • You are not willing to do the work and constantly make excuses for not taking action 
  • You operate from a lack mindset and tend to blame others 
  • You don’t want to be held accountable  
  • You don’t believe in asking for and receiving help 
  • You don't want to make more money and generate an overwhelming financial increase and abundance in your business

What your retreat could look like:

  • Clarity on your vision so you're aligned to God's purpose for your business and never second guess yourself afain
  • Honing in on your message so you stand out and are seen as a leader in your industry 
  • Breakthroughing your money blocks so more money and abundance flow into your business 
  • Crystal clarity on your ideal client so you attract paying clients easily every day  
  • Identifying exactly where you're leaving money on the table, hiding out and playing it safe so you make more money so much easier 
  • Honing in on the marketing strategies that work best for you so you know exactly how to reach your ideal prospects and convert them to clients 
  • Creating and pricing your programs so your offers sell and clients rave about how excited and grateful they are for your services 
  • Mastering your sales conversations so you sell in a way that feels authentic and natural, experience freedom in selling, close more sales and generate a financial increase in your business

What you'll receive:

  • 1-full day (9 am to 5pm CT) of 1:1 transformative coaching, mentoring and training with me (we'll break for lunch and for a snack mid- morning and mid-afternoon).
  • Customized Retreat Workbook and other Retreat Materials  
  • Pre-Retreat Client Questionnaire so I can take a deep dive into your business prior to us meeting
  • Resources and tools that are specifically tailored to your business goals
  • 30 Days of Unlimited Email Access following your retreat
  • A delicious, healthy lunch is included (in-person retreat only)  
  • Two 60-minute coaching sessions after your retreat, so you're not stopped by procrastination, fear or doubt (optional feature that can be added on)  
  • FREE Bonus: A recording of your entire retreat to watch or listen in the future (virtual retreat only) 
  • My No Overwhelm Promise
Virtual Retreat
2 easy payments of $2,000 each

"Althea helped me see my vision clearer than I had before and close my first paid in full 4-figure client."

“Before my Private VIP Virtual Retreat I felt stuck and frustrated in my ministry business. My biggest challenge was not knowing my ideal client. I also struggled with my mindset and marketing.  

I feel blessed for the opportunity to have worked with Althea. I'm now optimist, hopeful, confident and motivated about the future of my business.  

What I love most about my coaching and mentoring with her is that she loves Jesus, her authenticity and attention to detail. She created an atmosphere of comfort and I left with an action plan personally tailored to my ministry business.  

Althea helped me see my vision clearer than I had before and close my first paid in full 4-figure client. She also challenged me to where I was forced not to overthink but to act quickly and step outside of my comfort zone.  

She made me feel like I was important and customized the retreat just for me. I felt special and loved.  

If you're hesitant about working with Althea, Don't hesitate, act now! Althea is a woman of God, who is living in her call and purpose, and it is to help us, Christ-Centered Female Entrepreneurs. She truly wants to see you prosper and to advance the Kingdom of God." 

Minister Nicole "Nikki" West, Founder & CEO of Why I Move Liturgical Dance

"Althea is an amazing Coach with a direct, patient and effective way of getting to the root of your stagnation; results without the overwhelm."

"My ideal client changed since starting my business, so the biggest business challenge before my Private VIP Virtual Retreat was honing in on who my ideal client was. 

I also struggled with generating little income and felt fear and frustration around my ability to shift the business and reimagine my client. The 'how' to shift eluded me so I procrastinated when I could not see a clear path forward, .  

As a result of working with Althea, I feel much better about my business. Being able to talk out the who, what, where and how of my ideal client was huge! What I envision moving forward is clear and doable.  

What I liked most about working with Althea is the process, from start to finish - brainstorming ideas, visualizing my future self, exploring possibilities and working together on the step-by-step action plan created a pleasant and memorable experience.  

Althea is an amazing Coach with a direct, patient and effective way of getting to the root of your stagnation; results without the overwhelm. 

If you're hesitant to work with her, don't waste another moment! She digs deep to help you clearly define your business, ideal client and revenue goals. She uncovers the gap in your processes, reinforces a money mindset, and works with you to create an achievable plan of action."

Necie Black, Relational Strategist, Lyfe Smarts LLC  

Hello! I'm Althea McIntyre, CPA, MSOD, CPCC, Your Business Coach & Mentor.  

I help Christ-centered Female Coaches, Consultants and Experts, like yourself, stop leaving money on the table, sell in a way that feels natural and monetize their God-given gifts.

Working with me clients learn how to trust God more, be Spirt-led in their business and become the business leader God created them to be. 

You're ready for an upleveling in your mindset, lifestyle and business.  

Your desire to serve more, impact more and earn more is ready to be birthed.  

Now is your time for your next adventure with God. This is your season. 

Imagine being an even GREATER vessel for God, serving the clients He called you to serve and making great money from your God-given gifts.  

God is waiting to partner with YOU to do a new thing in, for and through your business.  

Say YES! to God by enrolling in your Private VIP 1-Day Retreat.

Look forward to partnering together and working with you!

Questions? Let's talk. Call 847-425-9730 or click here to schedule a time.