Private VIP 1-Day Manifestation Retreat

You are smart and well educated. 

You are ambitious, authentic and purpose-driven. 

You are making money in your business but don’t have the steady flow of paying clients you desire. You want a full pipeline of leads. 

You are also overworked and overwhelmed. 

You’re personally invited to join me for a full day of 1:1 transformative coaching, mentoring and strategic planning to help you make more money in your business God’s way.  

The Private VIP 1-Day Business Retreat is designed for the Christ-Centered female CEO, like yourself, who is struggling with finding uninterrupted time to work on her business and knows she needs help with goal setting, strategic planning and business development to get to her next level

Your retreat will be customized to you and your business. During the private retreat, we'll work on:  

  • Your mindset, messaging, target market, offers, marketing and sales.  
  • I'll identify exactly where you are leaving money on the table, the gaps in your business and precisely what you need to do fill them to have an immediate positive cash flow and value-add to your business.  
  • We'll create your personalized 90-day blueprint to more revenue and profits, a clear plan that pulls everything together, without the overwhelm, and takes the guesswork out.  

You'll leave the retreat feeling excited and rejuvenated about the growth and expansion of your business – and your clear 90-day action plan to get you there.  

Who this is for:

  • You have been in business for at least 5 years 
  • You're a coach, consultant, game changer or business leader on a MISSION with a big message to share through your business.
  • You understand the value of having another pair of seasoned eyes analyze your business 
  • You believe in investing in yourself and your business and are ready to do so by working with me privately 
  • You enjoy taking action and are not afraid to do the work to create the results you want 
  • You want to make more money and serve more people in your business this year  

Who this is not for:

  • You are not willing to do the work and constantly make excuses for not taking action 
  • You operate from a victim mindset and blame others for the results you haven’t created in your business 
  • You don’t want to be held accountable to your God-given assignment, vision and goals 
  • You don’t believe in asking for and receiving help 

Here's what your retreat could look like:

  • Clarity on your future self/best self and vision for your future so you're aligned to God's purpose and plan  
  • Honing in on your mission and message so you stand out and are seen as a leader and expert in your industry 
  • Shifting your mindset to allow more abundance and wealth to flow into your business and life with ease 
  • Crystal clarity on your ideal client so you attract paying clients easily every day  
  • Identifying exactly where you are leaving money on the table so you can start making more money so much easier 
  • Developing your core marketing strategies that are the best approach for you to reach and get in front of your ideal prospects and they say 'I have to work with her. I can't wait to work with her!'  
  • Creating and pricing your offers that your ideal clients crave, value and buy so your programs sell out and your clients rave about how excited and grateful they are for your services 
  • Mastering your sales conversations and overcoming objections so you get to yes with confidence and ease 
  • Creating your 90-day personalized action plan that sets you up for short-term success with long-term benefits  

Here's what you'll receive:

  • 1-full day (9 am to 6pm) one-on-one transformative training, coaching and mentoring with me in a beautiful location in Chicago or virtually via Zoom.
  • 15-page Retreat Workbook + other Retreat Materials  
  • Pre-Retreat Client Questionnaire for a deep dive into your business  
  • Resources and tools that are specifically tailored to your business goals and success  
  • 30 Days of Unlimited Email Access following your retreat
  • A delicious, healthy lunch (in-person retreat only)  
  • 2 x 45-minute follow-up phone sessions to help you not be stopped by perfectionism, doubt, fear or procrastination (optional feature that can be added on)  
  • My No Overwhelm Promise  

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Hello! I'm your Althea McIntyre, CPA, MSOD, CPCC, Your Business Coach & Mentor.  

I’m the CEO and founder of Power and Soul at Work. I help Christ-centered female entrepreneurs create successful, profitable, purpose-driven businesses and meaningful lives they love.  

For the past 11 years I've coached hundred of clients, serving as their sounding board, accountability partner and business strategist so they aren't alone in growing their dream business. Whatever it takes to create the business and lifestyle you want, I'm here to help you.  

I’ve been featured and quoted by numerous media outets, including EBONY, JET, The BOSS Network and The Network Journal; and have created and delivered seminars, webinars and workshops for a wide range of organizations including Loyola University Chicago, Northwestern University and PricewaterhouseCoopers.  

I can't wait for us to work together and to help you make more money in your business! 

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