Please note: The doors to this program is now only available to Althea's private coaching clients. Please visit us here.

Welcome To The 21-Day Yielding To God Challenge with Althea McIntyre

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

Are you struggling to yield to God?

Are you a Christ-centered Female Coach, Consultant or Expert who:  

  • trusts in God, 
  • loves His word,
  • believes His way is BEST, 

yet you struggle with being obedient and yielding to His will in your business. 

Do you want to discipline your ear to hear from God?

Do you want to be more attuned to His voice so you're clear on your next steps?

Do you want to do what God tells you to do without questioning it? 

So many authentic, ambitious, high-achieving Christ-centered Female Entrepreneurs, like yourself, are struggling in their businesses because they aren't obedient to God's direction. 

So, you get distracted.

You try to figure things out on your own.

You get stuck overthinking.

You can’t experience God's BEST in your business if you don't obey Him. 

That’s why disciplining your ear to hear God, growing in a more intimate loving relationship with Jesus and yielding to Him is a huge part of your job as a Christ-centered Female Entrepreneur.

It's why the 21-Day Yielding Challenge was created.

This isn’t your typical ‘do, do, do’ or ‘go, go, go’ challenge. No, this is quite different. It's Holy Spirit-Led.

It's created it to help you:

>> Discipline your ear to hear from God >> Be more attuned to God's voice >> Sort through the noise in your head >> Experience God's best in your business 

It’s designed to transform your daily time with God and help you grow. You'll develop a more intimate and loving relationship with Jesus Christ to help you yield to Holy Spirit in your business.

You'll receive:  

  • 9 Video Trainings (lifetime access) 
  • 1 Live Training and Open Q&A via Zoom
  • Daily Spirit-led practices and clear actions steps 
  • Devotionals, scriptures, affirmations and journaling prompts  

Each day for 21 days you'll receive fresh content to help transform the thoughts and habits that have been holding you back from yielding to God and becoming the business leader He created you to be.

Read what others are saying about The 21-Day Yielding To God Challenge

"This challenge helped me to slow down." 

"This challenge helped me to slow down, listen, and recalibrate my faith. I loved the length of all the sessions and I like the variety of the challenges. It was easy to do." 

Margie Goliak, Senior Executive Director, WineShop At Home

"The challenge was life-changing!!"

"Day 3 of the challenge was life-changing!! It was soooo freeing to just Yield!" 

Orinthia Harris, Educational Trainer, Harris Consulting Services

"I actually found peace and joy in the day!!"

"Thank you for this challenge. It definitely helped me learn the tools to yield to God in my everyday life. Yielding to God all day and really trying to listen/ feel what he was telling me, led me down a path that I wouldn’t have normally taken, but I actually found peace and joy in the day. Thanks so much!!" 

Hannah Pickerill, Emerging Entrepreneur, SimpleNatured Mama

Read what Nikki says about working with me as a private client

"I learned how to be Holy Spirit-Led, do what He tells me to do, even if it's not popular, even if it doesn't make sense."  

"Working with you, Althea, really changed the trajectory of my business. I was able to land my first high paying client. I learned how to ask God for direction, be Spirit-Led by the Lord, do what he tells you to do, even if it's not popular, even if it doesn't make sense at that moment.  

I'm still reaping the benefits two years later from working with you. I was obedient and now I'm receiving the blessings and the overflow and the favor like never before.  

You were the instrument that God used to help me to further my ministry business and I'm absolutely grateful." 

Nikki West, Founder/CEO of Why I Move Liturgical Dance

The 21-Day Yielding To God Challenge

It will transform your relationship with God and your business.

Please note:  

The doors to this program is now only available to Althea's private coaching clients. 

Please visit us here.