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  Trust God In A Way That You've Never Done Before

  For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Want to intentionally bring God into your business in 2020 and let Him direct your path?

You've arrived to the right place!

You're a Christ-Centered Female Coach, Consultant or Expert who has a HUGE God-given vision.

You're a trailblazer, visionary and forerunner. You're serious about building God's Kingdom through your business.  

You're not driven by money but you're not afraid to impact and earn millions.

You may be doing the work that God called you to do, but you’re not in alignment with God's will.

You’ve gotten distracted and have allowed perfectionism, procrastination, fear and doubt to stop you from fully surrending to God's will and going after the ideal clients He created you to serve.  

Now is your season to break free of the poverty and lack mindsets that have held you in back. 

Now is your time to trust God in your business and experience His presence in a way that you've never done before.

You're ready to align your business with God's will, operate under God's grace and fully monetize your God-given gifts. You're ready to become the business leader God created you to be. 

"Working with you, Althea, really changed the trajectory of my business. I was able to land my first high paying client. I learned how to ask God for direction, be Spirit-Led by the Lord, do what he tells me to do"

"Working with you, Althea, really changed the trajectory of my business. I was able to land my first high paying client. I learned how to ask God for direction, be Spirit-Led by the Lord, do what he tells me to do, even if it's not popular, even if it doesn't make sense at that moment because God knows what's ahead of us.  

I'm still reaping the benefits two years later from working with you. I was obedient and now I'm receiving the blessings and the overflow and the favor like never before.  

You were the instrument that God used to help me to further my ministry business and I'm absolutely grateful."  

Nikki West, Founder/CEO of Why I Move Liturgical Dance 


  • Taking consistent Spirit-led action forward in launching, promoting and selling out your high-level programs and not getting stopped by overthinking, second-guessing, and doubt. 
  • Being aligned with God's will so you're only working with right fit clients and saying NO to non-ideal clients.
  • Attracting ideal high-level prospects, confidently enrolling them in your programs and bringing in a consistent flow of contracts, clients, customers that help you achieve your 5-figure monthly revenue goals. 
  • Setting boundaries, saying no and having dedicated, uninterrupted time to work on and grow your business. 
  • Delegating tasks that bog you down so you're focused on building business relationships, partnerships and joint ventures with other trailblazing Christ-Centered Entrepreneurs.
  • Having systems and structures in your business that give you freedom to spend more time doing the things in your business you love and guilt-free time doing the things you enjoy.
  • Partnering with God in your business, experiencing supernatural miracles and no longer having financial anxiety. 

  Introducing the One-day Spirit-Led Business Mastermind  

 Friday, January 24, 2020 Evanston, IL 10 am to 4pm 

1 payment of

Only 5 spaces left! 

Enrollment ends on January 10, 2020 or when all spaces are filled.

“Enrolling in Althea's program is one of the best investments I have ever made in life, not just professionally. I landed an EXTRA $15,000 per month with two new clients I signed.”  

“Enrolling in Althea’s program is one of the best investments I have ever made in life, not just professionally. 

Before working with her I was really challenged with picking and articulating my ideal target client. I felt stuck and frustrated. I subconsciously knew what I wanted to do, but I was fearful about moving in that direction. I also struggled with how to scale my business in the most efficient way and how to command more value for my work.  

Thanks for all of our manifestation and me doing the work each week, I landed an extra $15,000 per month with the two clients I signed.  

Althea's specialty is in helping you to scale your business, but her skills go far beyond this to building your confidence, getting you to focus, tapping into your intuition, and much more! She really helped me to shift my mindset.  

She has great intuition about what each client needs and she has no problem bringing that to the forefront so you can learn and grow.  

If you follow Althea's methodologies, you will more than earn the money it took to invest in working with her”  

Farrah Holder, President ThinkNXT Marketing

Mastermind Agenda

 9:30 am Check-in + Light Breakfast 10:00 am Praise & Worship 10:20 am Welcome & Agreements 10:30 am Setting Your Intention with Holy Spirit 10:45 am Unlocking Your Abundant Mindset 11:15 am Spirit-Led Coaching, Masterminding, Planning 11:45 am Break 11:55 am Mastering Your Authentic Marketing 12:20 pm Lunch 1:30 pm Selling Your High-Level Services God's Way 2:00 pm Spirit-Led Coaching, Masterminding, Planning 2:25 pm Creating Systems That Give You Freedom 2:55 pm Spirit-Led Coaching, Masterminding, Planning 3:25 pm Break 3:35 pm Reflection, Wrap up & Celebration 3:55 pm Closing Prayer

This is NOT another jam-packed information event where you leave inspired but with no clear action steps that you can immediately implement into your business.

You'll leave this mastermind with clear personalized Spirit-Led action steps to help you align your business with God's will.

Only 5 spaces left! 

"Within 30 days of my Virtual Retreat I landed 5 brand new clients and within 60 days I enrolled my first paid in full 5k+ client."  

“Althea really helped me focus, drill down into my business ideas and pick apart things into salient, manageable pieces.  

She helped me identify some gaps in my business - where I was leaving money on the table - and to create a concrete plan for the next 90-days.  

Within 30 days of my Virtual Retreat I landed 5 brand new clients and within 60 days I enrolled my first paid in full 5k+ client.  

One of the things I love about working with Althea is she keeps everything honest and transparent - she stays with you in the moment, pushes you to your comfort zone and helps you see the possibilities beyond that.  

If you're a Christ-Centered female entrepreneur looking to uplevel in your business, look no further - book a time to chat with Althea now and get started right away. Your business and more importantly, your profits and bottom line will thank you."  

Dortha Hise, Chief Overwhelm Eliminator Pretty Smart Virtual Services 

  Here's why I do this work! 

I created the 1-day Spirit-Led Business Mastermind because God told me to. 

God revealed to me that many Christ-centered Female Entrepreneurs, like yourself, are struggling to trust Him, maintain an abundant mindset and enroll ideal high-paying clients.

He told me to add value to the body of Christ by helping in these areas. 

I know that you've been searching for answers in different business brunches, conferences, online courses and Facebook Groups, and have been asking family members, business friends and other coaches for advice, and you're still not getting the help that you really need.  

I've discovered Spirit-Led solutions to these challenges through my own God story and personal walk with Jesus.  

Here's how trusting God in my business, being Spirit-led and knowing how to enroll ideal high-paying clients has positively impacted me and my business. 

I'm able to...  

  • Align my business with God's will for my life;
  • Stay totally authentic to who I am, totally focused on my God-given purpose and totally focused on serving while on my sales calls;
  • Know what to say and when to say it when speaking to ideal prospects where they say YES! (and thank me) and enroll in my 4- and 5-figure programs, MANY with just ONE phone call;
  • Enroll ideal high-level clients who are ready to do the work, excited to work with me and can't wait to partner together for their success;
  • Sell my high-level coaching programs without resorting to gimmicks, tricks or sleazy and rude sales tactics; 
  • Enjoy my sales conversations, experience peace & freedom while selling and not worry about being perfect; 
  • Let go of my plans and follow God's agenda for my business; 
  • Partner with God in my business, allow the Holy Spirit to direct me and work in God's strength; and
  • Fulfill my God-given assignment, monetize my God-given gifts and glorify God through my business. 

I share these to remind you that with God ALL things are possible.

Listen to what Tiffini says about working with me for a day

 You'll have a powerful encounter with God as you… 

  • Receive high-level Spirit-led business training and coaching customized to help get YOU to your next level in faith and business so your business is aligned with God's will, you're only working with right-fit clients and are saying goodbye to non ideal clients.
  • Identify the limiting mindsets (e.g. perfectionism, feeling unequipped, feeling unworthy, etc...)that have been holding you back and learn how to transform them so you launch, promote and sell your high-level offers with confidence and ease. 
  • Receive support, direction, and clear strategy that will help you trust God more, partner with Him, grow in relationship with Him, be obedient to His instruction, and yield to Him in the small and big things in your business.  
  • Activate your faith with Spirit-led insight on your mindset, marketing, sales, leadership, and more to help you achieve your monthly revenue goals.
  • Leave with clear next steps and a personalized action plan that will help you to confidently enroll the high-level clients God created you to serve and make great money from your God-given gifts.

Here's What You'll Receive:

  • A pre-mastermind questionnaire so I’m familiar with you and your business and can customize the mastermind to meet your unique business needs and challenges. 
  • A powerful one-day Spirit-led business mastermind at a beautiful location in Evanston, IL.
  • Customized training with 5 other Christ-Centered Female Trailblazers
  • An opportunity to receive one-on-one Spirit-led business coaching. 
  • Personalized strategies to help YOU to get to your next level in your faith and business. 
  • Light breakfast, lunch and snacks.
  • A unique life-changing experience that will help you uplevel your mindset, business, and lifestyle for God's glory.
  • Unlimited email support for 15 days following the mastermind to give you the support and accountability you need.
  • Check-in Zoom meeting 30 days following the mastermind to give you additional support and accountability.

Enrollment ends on January 10, 2020 

"The insight and skills I learned from Althea changed my life. I was able to start a new business doing something I was passionate about, and sell that business for $1.31 million." 

"I first learned about Althea and her coaching practice when I was working as a vice president of marketing for an organization. I was unhappy in my position and had big entrepreneurial dreams with little idea of how to get there.  

Althea privately coached me through a self-discovery process geared toward overcoming repetitive obstacles, identifying my skill set, articulating the work I want to do, and finding ways to set and accomplish new goals in a healthy way.  

The process wasn’t easy; but it was worthwhile. As a result, I was able to quit my job, start a new business doing something I was passionate about, sell that business for $1.31 million, and start yet another business.  

I am happy and fulfilled professionally, am invited to speak at conferences throughout both the U.S. and Europe, and am considered a thought leader in the industry that I love.

The insight and skills I learned from Althea changed my life. I am happier, wealthier, more productive, and more insightful as a direct result."  

Amy Hinote, Founder and CEO VRMintel

  What would it feel like to? 

  • Trust God more in your business, yield to His instructions and experience the blessings of obedience.
  • Maintain an abundant mindset that aligns with the mind of God and no longer allow fear, doubt and a poverty mindset to stop you. 
  • Confidently walk in your calling a Marketplace Minister changing your sphere of influcence and making great money from your God-given gifts.
  • Bring in a consistent flow of high-level ideal clients, customers, and contracts without you having to do any extra heavy lifting.
  • Confidently enroll ideal high-level clients who happily pay you, are excited to work with you, do the work and respect and value you. 
  • Experience peace, joy, and ease in your business as you take a Matthew 6:33 approach to achieve your monthly revenue goals.

God And Your Clients Are Waiting For You!

Dear Christ-Centered Female Visionary,

You're READY to uplevel your mindset, business and lifestyle. 

How would it feel to be an even GREATER vessel for God doing the work He predestined you to do and serving the clients He called you to serve?

How would it feel to trust God more, have a deeper and more intimate relationship with Him, and increase your faith as He uses you for His glory in your sphere of influence?

How would it feel to have more FUN and FREEDOM in your business as you partner with God and work in His strength?

How would it feel to make great money from your God given gifts because you know how to enroll high-level clients confidently, authentically and powerfully? 

Join other Christ-centered Female World Changers who are changing the face of business as Marketplace Ministers. 

Now is your time. This is your season.

Can't wait to work with you in person!



  • When is the mastermind?

Friday, January 24, 2020 from 10am to 4pm 

  • Where is the mastermind held?  

At a beautiful location in Evanston, IL, a suburb of Chicago. Exact details will be emailed to you once you enroll.

  • How many people will be attending?  

Only 6 Christ-centered Female Entrepreneurs, so you receive the personal attention, support and coaching you love and need. 

  • Will this be another business event where I receive inspiration and good information but I can't apply any of it to my business?  

No. You'll leave with a clear personalized Spirit-Led action plan that you're excited to immediately implement into your business.  

Have more questions?  

Let's talk!